Examples of for what and how WIREDiCON® is applied

- To lay out visual information directly on your electronic document! -
How to use WIREDiCON® is up to you. Here, let's give the following application examples.
Examples of applying WIREDiCON® for obtaining in-house information
- Use WIREDiCON® to get the latest in-house information! -
Busy business people can use it as a helpful tool to increase operating effectiveness.
Examples of applying WIREDiCON® for searching patent information
- Use WIREDiCON® to search patent information with on-demand ease! -
You can directly lay out the approval process and application/examination status of a patent just beside the patent number written in an electronic document, without the need to go anywhere else.
Examples of applying WIREDiCON® for analyzing product information
- Use WIREDiCON® to analyze much-talked-about products in depth. -
You can analyze the data of much-talked-about products from various angles.
Examples of applying WIREDiCON® for collecting celebrity information
- Use WIREDiCON® to collect the 'this and that' of celebrities. -
Celebrity information is highlighted for use as part of merchandize promotion.
Examples of applying WIREDiCON® for studying historical information
- Use WIREDiCON® to learn from history at various levels from introductory to expert. -
From examination measures to book reading as a hobby, you can read various tides of the age. By using the acquired knowledge, you can gain a wide range of benefits to suit your interest.
Examples of applying WIREDiCON® for learning kanji (Chinese character) information
- Can you write that kanji without using a word processor? -
All sorts of documents changes quickly into a kanji test. Thereby, you can check personally the accuracy rate of the kanji test.