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Mr. Ichiro Suzuki,

I am reporting about the sales of our main products (BDC-200, BDC-200EX, DiSu120T, MoonFx200, GE220).

Currently, BDC-200 is a top seller. Concerning BDC-200, there are no sales differences throughout any branch stores. I would like to increase sales with a central focus on BDC-200.

For other products, sales depend on branch stores because of the promotion differences between each branch.

So, I would like to hold a company-wide sales promotion meeting as soon as possible. In the meeting, reporting by sales increasing branch store managers about promotion strategies will be assigned. It may help sharing ideas on how to promote this efficiently.

I am asking the following managers to give a report.

Mr. Jiro Kanda (Ginza branch manager)
Mr. Tom Brown (Roppongi branch manager)
Mr. Goro Osaki (Ikebukuro branch manager)
Ms. Anne Miller (Shinjuku branch manager)
Mr. Sam Tailor (Shibuya branch manager)

To pick up various feedback, also asking junior members below to attend the meeting.

Mr. John Smith (Yokohama branch manager)
Ms. Makiko Mejiro (Shinagawa branch manager)
Ms. Yuko Sugamo (Ueno branch manager)

I would be greateful if you and Ms. Hanako Sato could attend the meeting as board members.

Thank you for your help.

Yours sincerely,
Ichi Muto