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Product review

digital cameras match-up (2007 spring model)

I compared six digital cameras from BITS Co., Ltd., Digital Sun Co., Ltd., Moon Camera Co., Ltd., Global Earth Co., Ltd. launched in 2007 spring.

specification comparison

I made a specification comparison sheet based on the catalog of each product.

Company name Model Pixel count Optical zoom factor Digital zoom factor
BITS Co., Ltd. BDC-200 500M x3.5 x2.0
BDC-200EX 920M x5.0 x3.0
Digital Sun Co., Ltd. DiSu120T 500M x3.0 x2.0
DiSu120X 1000M x10.0 x3.0
Moon Camera MoonFx200 420M x2.8 x2.0
Global Earth GE220 600M x2.0 x2.0


Summarizing simply, BDC-200 of BITS Co. Ltd. is the most balanced one. DiSu120T of Digital Sun Co., Ltd. has similar specifications, but the price is higher than BDC-200.
For high-end users, I recommend BDC-200EX. DiSu120X is also a high-end camera, but thinking about price versus performance, I think BDC-200EX is better than DiSu120X. However, as BDC-200EX is in a shortage of supply it might be on back order.
MoonFx200 is cheap and has limited features, so it is good for first time users.
Pixel count of GE220 is not bad, but x2.0 optical zoom leaves a lot to be desired. So I do not recommend this model. It also seemed to be in poor demand in the shop.