- Lay out visual information directly on your electronic document! -

The patent registration of WIREDiCON® accepted (Japanese Patent No. 3998706).
We have much pleasure in informing you that the basic techniques of WIREDiCON® developed by our company have completed the patent registration. Since WIREDiCON® has gotten the official go-ahead for novelty, progressiveness, and usefulness, we can confidently recommend it to our customers.

Enjoy a new demonstration version of WIREDiCON®!
Within the website of WIREDiCON®, you can find a page on which you can gain firsthand WIREDiCON® experience. Enjoy it with your hands and eyes. To experience it for yourself click here to go to the demonstration page.

What's WIREDiCON®?

- It provides techniques to make full use of your documents as much as two hundred percent -

"Express data in your electronic document."
That is, you can lay out any necessary information directly on your electronic document. By providing added information visually, conventional data and existing documents change into more valuable information.

What are the features of WIREDiCON®? - Part 1 -

- Useful to gain valuable information hidden in the context -

Lays out relevant information on various kinds of documents from a unified point of view. You can read the whole sentence from a different aspect and find previously unknown information hidden in the context.

What are the features of WIREDiCON®? - Part 2 -

- Available to improve the accessibility of your website -

Since users themselves can select information to be added, they can lay out the necessary information on their documents according to their needs. Introducing WIREDiCON® into your website can improve its accessibility.

What are the features of WIREDiCON®? - Part 3 -

- The possibility to lay out your own data as well -

You can choose your own data as added information. Lay out your own data in your document, and you can analyze the document and data from a different point of view. According to the type of business and company, you can utilise it in various ways.

What are the features of WIREDiCON®? - Part 4 -

- Providing infinite scope of application -

As long as you use documents, it doesn’t matter what OS/application you use
?Windows, Linux, Macintosh etc.
?browser, mailer, Word, PDF etc.
If you install WIREDiCON® into the Proxy server, you can introduce it across the board.